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Don't go through probate alone

In the event of a loved one's death, it is possible you'll end up in probate if they did not have a will or trust. Due to the many nuances of probate, it is usually necessary to have a lawyer supervise the process. Pickford Law Offices can assist in advance of possible probate in order to make the process easier.
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With our help, you can evade probate

Are you attempting to avoid probate court? There are manu of options when it comes to avoiding probate. As long as there was a living revocable trust laid out legally, there is a good chance your estate can avoid the probate court. It's also possible to designate beneficiaries on accounts in the event you pass away. Doing this will allow your assets to be settled easily amongst your family and friends.

Hire us before probate

Is there a possibility that your California estate may enter probate? Let Pickford Law Offices ease your worry by helping you through the process to ensure that the final outcome is in your best interest. Middle age clientele also welcome.

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