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Make changes to your debt with Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy serves to restructure your dept, so unlike Chapter 7, it doesn't totally wipe out your debt. This makes it possible to pay off your debts in a matter that best suits your income and life expenditures. If you're having a difficult time paying off your debts and continuously fall further behind on your bills, Chapter 13 may be the best option for you.
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Reduce debt with Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps decrease and in some cases dissolve portions of your debt. Occasionally, it's possible to actually clear up second mortgages during the Chapter 13 process. If you are intent in paying off your debts, but having difficulty with debt collectors, please give Pickford Law Offices a call. We can assist in restructuring your debts to ease the burden.
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We can figure out your monthly payments

If you think Chapter 13 may be right for you, at Pickford Law Offices, we will help you determine your monthly payments and the overall amount of money that might be included in your bankruptcy. Let us help get you back on track.

Pickford Law Office will supply you with a fixed fee quote to represent at your free initial consultation. Click here for bankruptcy worksheets.

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