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Go over final documents with a professional

Drafting final documents is something that you should never do without the assistance of an attorney. Often, documents can be invalidated due to incorrect legal verbiage or information being left out. At Pickford Law Office, we can review your final documents to ensure that everything is in order.
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Ensure health care is arranged

Though many people plan for arrangements after their death, it is also imperative to plan for a scenario in which you may become incapacitated. If you are hospitalized, you'll need to have a plan for long term care in place. You'll also need to plan who will handle decision making on your behalf.

Draft a new will and testament

If you've gone through any life changes, it would be in your best interest to update your will so that your final wishes reflect your current situation. Changes such as increased assets, marriage, and having children would need to be accounted for in your will. Here at Pickford Law Office we can ensure that your will is updated and ready at any time. Young Families and Middle-aged people always welcome.

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